• How many photos will I get?   

The number of images you receive all depends on the shoot. If I am shooting your wedding you will receive roughly 50-70 images/hr of shooting. If we are working on a 1 hour couples session you may receive 100 or more select images. 

  • How long will it take to receive my photos?

I normally do my best to get images to clients within a week from shooting and when I am really busy turnaround times can be up to 2-3 weeks.

  • What size will my pictures be? Are my images big enough to print?

Its up to you! However, I usually provide all final edited images at around 2,000 Pixels on the long side. This is a good all around size for email, social media and mobile devices when sending a smaller amount of images. After these are sent you can choose from any number of these to receive the full size file for printing or any other personal use you may have. I do this because sending, reviewing and sharing full size printable files on your laptop, desktop, phones, ipads and social media is painstakingly slow. 

  • What type of cameras and equipment do you use? 

I take pride in only using the best Canon camera and lenses. 

For taking images in the ocean I use an Aquatech water housing. Aquatech in my opinion is the best in water housings. 

  • Will my photos be edited?

Yes. I believe in providing only the best service I can so editing and carefully reviewing each image is very important. Each photo session goes through a series of selecting and editing. First I will go through all of the images and remove all reject images. From the first selection I will go through and do a 2nd round of selecting the best images. The 2nd round of select images will go through a batch edit process. When batch editing I will color correct and fine tune the exposure, shadows, highlights and make any other batch adjustments. From these I will go through a 3rd round of selecting the best of the best images and hand edit the images individually. Hand editing consist of removing blemishes, fly away hair, whitening teeth etc.